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Selected Achievements and Honours

Awarded Gold Medal for various athletic competitions

Prize Winner for Art and Design Achievement of the year, Eastbourne College


Work experience in a Jewellery antique store in Hong Kong between July to August in 2010.


Work experience of Client Project for British Museum.


Volunteering in Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, July to August in 2012


Work expedience of Client Project ( Flower of Life) for a Chinese Fashion/Jewellery Designer



Central Saint Martins degree show 2013


New designer exhibition 2013


Tent London, London Design Festival 2015


Popup Shop, South Kensington, London 2015


Central Saint Martins degree show 2016

​​Paris Fashion Week, Paris 2020

Gallery Mali.Dautresme, Paris 2021


a passionate independent ceramics aritist
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